Selling Fees

The basic cost of selling an item is the listing fee plus the sale transaction fee, plus fees for any optional features and services you may use.

Users from countries other than the UK should pay the following fees in the currency of their country. The following price list applies to UK users.
For example for users from the USA the price list is applicable in dollars,
for users, e. g. from the Netherlands will be euros.

Listing fees: Free (exclude categories: Cars,Motorcycles&Vehicle, Property)

Listing fees for categories:

Cars.Motorcycles&Vehicle: £10

Property: £20

Sale Fees: 

(exclude categories: Cars,Motorcycles&Vehicle, Property)

5% for sales between £0.01 to £100

4% for sales between £101 to £1.000

1% for sales between £1.001 to £1.000.000

Sale Fees for categories:

Cars,Motorcycles&Vehicle:       FREE

Property:                                   FREE

Other Fees:

Home Page Featuring Fee:         £10 (7 days)

Category Page Featuring Fee:    £5 (7 days)

Highlighted Listing Fee:               £5

Listing Subtitle Fee:                     £0.50

Listing Images Fee:(10 Free)      £0.10

Media Upload Fee:                      £1

Digital Downloads Fee:                £1.20

Additional Category Listing Fee:  £0.40

Reserve Price Fee:                      £2.00

Buy Out Fee:                                £0.00

Make Offer Fee:                           £0.00

Store subscription:

Standard:                                 £20 (100 Listings)

Premium:                                 £40 (300 Listings)

Platinum:                                  £80 (600 Listings)

Gold:                                        £150 (1000 Listings)

Unlimited:                                 £250 (10000 Listings)