About Us

The owner of u-stock.com website is U-stock Group LTD based in London at

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden

WC2H 9JQ London

We offer you a simple auction service, but at the same time with many facilities.
Our website is intended for people who are not satisfied with other auction platforms, who want to increase the sales volume by using several sales sources and for persons starting a business on the Internet, who want to establish their own shop, etc. The website is intended for people who are not satisfied with other auction platforms. and for those who believe that they are paying high commissions.
Our goal was to provide people with tools to easily sell or buy something, in particular we want to help all sellers, so there aren't too many different commissions and fees.
There are not many restrictions on the presence of auctions or the goods offered.
We offer sales support through free advertising on our social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On our website we have returned to the basis of registration, auction and sale.
Of course, we will continue to expand the functionality of our website to make it easier for you to use it.
Please note: We do not accept any letters sent to us by Royal Mail or couriers. We only accept e-mails.
U-stock. com is designed for all private and business retailers who want to save more money. We only collect a small amount of money when you sell something. Check out our fee page and register today.
U-stock. com is a market that allows users to offer, sell and buy almost anything in different price formats and locations.
U-stock. com does not have anything mentioned or sold through U-stock. com and is not involved in a real transaction between buyers and sellers. The sale agreement is concluded directly between the buyer and the seller.
U-stock. com is not a traditional auctioneer.
Although we may provide price lists, mailing materials, offers and other price guidelines as part of our Services, such guidelines are for information purposes only and you may decide whether or not to comply with them.
U-stock. com makes sure that the content and images listed in the auctions comply with our standards, i. e. that they do not offend anyone, that they are not illegal or illegal with the law of a given country.
U-stock. com has no control and does not guarantee the existence, quality, safety or legality of the items advertised; the truth or accuracy of the content of users, offers and opinions, the ability of vendors to sell the items; the ability of buyers to pay for the items; or that the buyer or seller will actually carry out the transaction or return the item.